Promoting scholarships in the arts

There is room for growth in the study of the arts and more students should take advantage of scholarships available.

While there is now more diversification into the arts from core vocations such medicine, engineering, IT, law and business, there could be higher interest shown in the arts.

“Out of 30 students applying for scholarships and enrolments, there may be 10 or 12 opting for engineering and IT; 12 for business; three to four for medicine and only one to two for the arts,’’ said scholarship platform Scholarships2u ( managing director Matthew Gan.

Among some of the favourite courses chosen by arts scholarship students, include the performing arts, music, design and animation.

“In developed countries, the arts is a big concern and have become a viable career choice as they are well-supported by people who pay to attend their concerts and performances,’’ says Matthew.

In Malaysia, organisations like artisans digital mall The Artisans Haven is stepping forward to offer scholarships for short courses at performing arts center Enfiniti Academy.

Following an initial batch of four students (three taking the basics of acting and one, the basics of voice modules), The Artisans Haven is planning to undertake a second round of scholarships.

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