Embun Spa

Yap Leng Kuen talks to Embun Spa about getting creative in hard times.

Hard times have fallen on the spa business, and Embun Spa founder Aishah Ahmad will have to get creative to keep coming up with new products and packages.

While the current Movement Control Order (MCO) period is on, customers can take up the special offers for future use.  

Besides her ‘Embun Signature Spa’ which is selling at a reduced price of RM99 for  one-and-a-half hours, Aishah will also be selling a traditional herbal balm, at less than RM30 each, and aromatherapy massage oil with scents of jasmine, lemongrass and lavender, at RM10 per 3ml.

And since she already has the equipment and products from Forever Living, she will also offer facials.

At an offer price of RM99 each, the one-hour Embun therapeutic, deep cleanse purifying and rejuvenating enzymatic facials were originally priced between RM188 to RM168.

“In the current business environment, I will have to be more creative to ensure the survival of my spa center,’’ said Aishah.

Embun Spa, which features a Balinese design, is located in Mont Kiara; it was set up ten years ago but Aishah had taken over just prior to the MCO period in March.

She knew the risks but out of her love for the beauty and spa line, she took the plunge, and has plans for more branches in future.

Aishah had opened Embun Spa with her own savings, and her focus is to break even this year; confident of weathering through this second round of MCO, she will work very hard to earn more income.

Customers want reasonable prices, and Embun Spa will step up its marketing efforts through The Artisans Haven, advertising on Facebook, sending flyers and selling vouchers on platforms like Fave and Shopee; it will also keep in close contact with friends on Facebook and Instagram.    

New customers have signed up from these platforms, while some loyal ones have taken packages. There are regulars who shy away during this Covid-19 period.

While the original ‘Embun Signature Spa’ package was for a two-hour spa treatment at RM155, the promotional package at RM99 that includes sauna, scrub, foot bath and a cup of ginger tea, has attracted some response.

Spa packages, sold on Shopee, are priced from RM99, RM118 to RM128; vouchers are sold at RM48, RM68 to RM98, while loyal customers get a 20% discount.

Under spa packages, the aroma essence massage comes with the customer’s preferred aroma essence blend, while the hot stone massage uses smooth, heated volcanic basalt stones placed along the chakra centers on the spine, for soothing and relaxation.

Having taken a beauty course, Aishah is also taking short courses on how to make her other products.

“I love the beauty line … I also love to look beautiful. I chose the spa business so that I can help ladies out there to look more beautiful and stylish, with good skin and body,’’ said Aishah.

She had engaged two massage therapists who received commissions on top of their salaries of over RM2,000 each.

Should she get more customers later, as a result of all the marketing and promotional efforts, more staff will be added. While it is getting increasingly challenging, everyday is a positive day for Aishah and she is motivated to go on trying to keep her business alive.

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven.