520 Style

Active promotion of styles on Facebook live

The pandemic is no deterrent to 520 Style boutique as it goes on Facebook live to actively promote the latest styles that are mostly imported from South Korea.

Staff doubling up as models will don these fashions, while highlighting their special features to viewers, who may then indicate on the comments column if they wish to make a purchase.

“Sales have been quite good during the Movement Control Order (MCO) and this Conditional MCO periods; customers like our unique and young designs that come with handmade bling features,’’ said founder Teh Poh Hooi.

Since these are mostly regular clients, the staff will usually know who they are; upon receipt of payment, the goods will be couriered across.

The items are mostly one of a kind, and customers may have to decide quite fast if they want them as once sold, there is no repeat order.

Even if they mostly stay at home during the CMCO, they will buy and keep these special designs to be worn later.

Located at Sungei Wang Plaza in Kuala Lumpur, the 10-year-old boutique has customers from all over Malaysia; among the states, it gets orders mostly from Johor, Sabah, Sarawak and Penang.

Costing RM100 and above, designs are also imported from Hong Kong and China.

The eye-catching designs have even attracted clients in the 70-year-old group; still young at heart, they even may go for  Mickey Mouse and other cartoon designs that are usually decorated with bling.

New stocks arrive once in two weeks. Clothes purchased are couriered free of charge; sales on selected items may come up to 50% discount while there is a minimum 10% off on all items.

“We keep up with the styles, as fashion cannot be outdated,’’ said Teh. “Cultivating relationships and our attitude in providing good service matters, as we aim to keep our regular clients.’’

Consistency is also important; the staff has been around for a long time and know the work well.

They are paid commissions and are motivated to sell off the newly arrived styles as rapidly as they can.

Teh had started this boutique based on his wife, Ting Ting’s love for fashion and previous experience in selling imported clothes.

Ting Ting, who is her thirties and likes to upkeep an attractive appearance, oversees the business at the boutique.

The pandemic has thrown a big challenge to businesses such as those in retail, and 520 Style Boutique is using as many resources as it can, to sell online and reach a wider audience.

As restrictions are gradually lifted even in CMCO areas, more visitors are seen, and they hope to get new customers also at their physical store.

These customers may not just be from Kuala Lumpur alone, but from other states as inter-district and inter-state travel is now allowed.

The good response the boutique has received even during the MCO and CMCO periods, indicates that things can only go better for them.    

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven.