Seng Hup

Seng Hup’s lights of hope

Light symbolizes hope.

At Seng Hup Lighting, this message shines brightly through the variety of lights ranging from modern, classical to vintage.

While the larger chandeliers are popular among owners of high end bungalows, the smaller range of chandeliers and lights are sought after by the young generation of condo dwellers.

Tiffany lights, that feature an intricate form of stained glass art, are purchased by customers from, among other countries, Australia, Indonesia, India and Saudi Arabia.

“They personally bring home these lights; there was an Australian couple who liked the Tiffany lights so much that they installed their entire house with these lights,’’ said Seng Hup assistant marketing manager Joevine Lee.

Joevine Lee

Outdoor lights are used for gardens, facades and landscaping as well as architectural purposes; besides lighting, they also provide ambience.

Prices can range from RM1,000 to RM60,000 each for chandeliers, and for wall lights, RM80 to RM100 each.

Garden sets, made of cast aluminium, complement the various lights; as their legs are fitted with synthetic rubber, these garden sets can be placed indoors.

Custom made at the factory in Sungai Buloh, they are sold under the Victron brand.  

From lights to garden sets, Seng Hup’s attractive promotions are worth checking out especially during this Covid-19 impacted situation.   

Seng Hup used to focus on projects such as those in condos and bungalows; as Covid-19 has further slowed down projects, the priority now is to sell directly to customers.

Marketing over social media includes Facebook and The Artisans Haven which in turn, is featured on Dreamshop, the umbrella online platform of a billion products, set up by DCR Marketing.

Seng Hup’s own website is being enhanced with an e-catalogue and chatbot.

Besides choosing a beautiful design, customers should also consider the colour, temperature and functionality of the space.

Good lighting gives a home an ambience that is warm, intimate and comfortable.

The three main types of lighting are available at Seng Hup.

While ambient lighting brightens up a space and task lighting enhances its functionality, accent lighting gives a dramatic effect to dark spaces such as stairways.

Among the range of lights, are floor lamps that function as reading lights, offering multiple light sources that fit in between armchairs or a workspace in between two desks.

The space around may be coloured up through the use of sheer fabric lamp shades, while the perforated surface of a lamp shade can cast patterns onto the wall in place of a wallpaper.

Pendant lamps as in, for example, a set of individual jewel glass pendant lamps in the dining area, can add beauty to stylish homes.

For the bedroom, there may be minimalist ceiling, track or recessed lights for diffused ‘hidden’ lighting.

Table lamps in the living room exude warmth and with the right shade, they can function as desk lamps.

With well-designed wall lamps, the lights can be directed to angles where lighting should cascade upon.

Within its 60-year history, the company has undergone various ups and downs; emerging from this Covid-19 crisis, it plans to set up 10 retail outlets throughout Malaysia in the next three years.

These concept stores will be located in Georgetown, Melaka, Johor Baru, Kuantan, Terengganu and Kota Bahru.

Two new flagship stores are planned for the central region of Kuala Lumpur, and Penang.

In Malaysia, Seng Hup has installed lights at, among other places, the Bangsar Trade Center, Mercedes-Benz Kinrara and Balakong, and One Stonor Mayland sales gallery.

With its wealth of experience and knowledge in lighting, Seng Hup looks forward to revitalizing its plans for expansion while advancing its retail concepts on social media.

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven