High demand for e-gift vouchers during MCO

The demand for e-vouchers from DCR E-Gift Vouchers had shot up during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, benefitting  organisations that could offer these e-vouchers.

“Those organisations that offered the e-vouchers had twin advantages in this pandemic; orders just kept coming in and DCR could fulfil them without delay, as all were digitalized,’’ said DCR Marketing marketing manager Jessie Tan.

But it’s not too late and business owners are urged to look into the issuance of vouchers that will also help to promote their businesses.

The problem lies with a lack of business strategies, for example, in planning the sales channels, discounts, innovation and promotions, to drive this potential line of business.

This problem arises as the issuance of vouchers is not managed by the sales unit which would be able to draw up the relevant sales strategies.

As they are not recognized as a product which would bring in revenue, vouchers are thus managed by the finance department.

That scenario is set to change with the rising popularity of vouchers which are increasingly seen to be as good as cash.

A voucher, in a way, represents the giver, and what he thinks the recipient would like in a certain brand or category of product.

“For those who may not like to be presented with hard cash, vouchers are a perfect gift idea that can be conveniently transmitted digitally,’’ said Jessie.

They may be used for events and occasions including birthdays, team building, annual dinners, employees reward programs and festive seasons.

Vouchers help to build brand awareness in a cost effective way; the wallet size physical vouchers can advertise the issuing company’s logo, products and their outlets, locations and even special messages or taglines.

The company’s brand is also strengthened via the giver and recipient of the vouchers.

Vouchers also help to drive traffic to the company’s outlets or online shops, as they are redeemed for products; this will open up opportunities for data collection that will help in further understanding of customers.

Customers rarely purchase a product within the voucher limit; they usually top up with cash, and this becomes an opportunity to introduce other products and services.

Currently, vouchers are sold on the basis of cash on delivery, allowing the issuing company to collect cash in advance while redemption may not be immediate.

DCR offers more than 100 types of vouchers, which are available on The Artisans Haven and the justvoucher app which can be downloaded via google playstore, apple and IOS.

They will also be available on which is targeted for launch on October 1.

Digital vouchers can be accompanied by personalised messages such as ‘Thank you,’ and ‘Happy Birthday.’

As a complete gift card solutions provider, DCR provides fulfilment and deliveries nationwide, and sourcing services for customized or preferred vouchers.

Serving as a ready online redemption center, DCR, which is available at,  also handles corporate or bulk purchases of vouchers.

With the increasing popularity of gift vouchers, it is hoped that more issuance by companies can match this demand.

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Story Teller, The Artisans Haven