LIVE, LIFE, PLAY is our attitude. Falling in love with the products that we are responsible for wasn’t hard. It is because we use it religiously in enriching our daily lives. We live and breathe it! The founder of Maudīre is a gadget freak, with a plethora of audio speakers, electronics and lifestyle gadgets. Maudīre’s name & essense was inspired by another gadget freak, a good mate to the founder.

In whatever period we are in, we wanted to represent Modern Audio while still respecting the past. Be it, in design or technology. Thus M (modern) – Audīre (latin for audio) & Maudīre was born. Maudīre is honoured to represent some of the great brands in Malaysia. We import and distribute MARSHALL Backpacks & Wallets from UK, SOUNDTEOH Gadgets from Singapore, PANASONIC Audio Product from Japan, DALI Hi-Fi Speakers from Denmark and others nationwide.

LIVE, LIFE, PLAY is our attitude. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ethics. It is our core principle.

Trio Ulti

As the saying goes, fortune favours the bold. If you’ve been idly standing by as life passes you by; if you’re sick of the same tired old schedule; if you’ve been waiting for a sign, any sign to get out there and make some brave changes to your life, this is it. Step out of your comfort zone, and join TRIO Ulti for the adventure of a lifetime!

Specialising in creating sports outfits and accessories, TRIO Ulti takes pride in designing functional
and durable sportswear with a stylish twist. Say goodbye to the days when the only socially acceptable place to wear sports jerseys were on the field- with TRIO Ulti’s custom-made sportswear, you’ll be able to wear your jersey anywhere and still get compliments for your funky fashion sense.

For those who are still on the fence about wearing sportswear out and about, here’s some good news you’ll love: TRIO Ulti is also releasing a line of casual clothing, so you’ll never have to miss out on their tasteful designs, regardless of your apparel preference. Besides that, they’re also coming up with a few travel-related accessories, so stay tuned to be among the first to try those products out!

With so many exceptional products in their arsenal, it may not be surprising to find out that the founders of TRIO Ulti, Ben and Ee Va Ong, are also sports enthusiasts themselves. Together, they ensure that TRIO Ulti is a brand created by sportspeople, for sportspeople, and strive to provide fashionable, yet multi-functional clothing solutions for those who need it. Keep yourself updated with all of TRIO Ulti’s latest posts by dropping a like at their Facebook page ( and Instagram feed ( For enquiries and more product information, check out their website (


Established in 2013, Innoteq Apex Sdn Bhd is the official distributor in Malaysia for Targus brand, promoting the products throughout Malaysia market via different channels. We specialize in Targus bags, luggage, computer accessories and travel products. Pioneering the notebook carrying case category, we partnered with corporations, retailers, and OEMs to provide the best possible protection for notebook PCs.

We also have partner brands which is Tucano, Arnold Palmer, Gardini, Rainer Active, Maui & Sons and Carlton. We sell wholesale to retailers and in addition, we have our own counters in major department stores in Malaysia, such as Isetan, Parkson, Sogo and AEON. So come visit our counters to experience the quality of our products.